Education, Optimized

Ten Four School equips you with high value digital skills through modules focused on your growth. Change your life and change your income in four weeks per module.

Upgrade Your Life

Step into the life you deserve through in-demand skills that create real opportunities. Ten Four training will upgrade your expertise and income potential in months, not years.

High Value Skills

Ten Four School teaches the high-value skills that will shape the digital economy of tomorrow. From automation to design to mobile apps without code, Ten Four equips you with future-proof expertise through hands-on projects every week.

Focused Learning

Ten Four is created to help you hone in on one skill at a time for complete proficiency before moving on and ensures you retain knowledge through hands-on application, not just theory.

Hyper Sprints

Ten Four delivers learning in rapid hyper sprint modules, with deep dives into topics that accelerate your capabilities. The immersive design actively educates while giving you the flexibility of online education. This is hyper learning on your terms. If you do the work, you will grow your skillsets!

Class Is In Session Starting Sept. 1st

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